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Voice Actor Roles for Upcoming Horror Title

We are currently seeking a number of volunteers to audition for multiple roles in our latest horror title.

This is an unpaid role. Experience is not necessary.

Requirements include a relatively high quality microphone or similar recording setup.

Please see the role information below (Will Contain Spoilers)

Available Roles


Mid 20’s / Early 30’s, well spoken, North American Accent


Mid 20’s / Early 30’s, well spoken, North American Accent


Allison is a mid-level administration worker at the Somnus facility. She deals mainly with applications and communications, but doesn’t know much about the nature of the facility or it’s research. Allison has recently made horrifying discoveries regarding what’s been happening at the Somnus facility. She becomes disgusted, emotional and scared for not only the safety and wellbeing of the test subjects, but also for herself. She makes the decision to whistleblow to the press.

Audition Scripts

Diary Voice Note in a hushed panic - “My name is Allison Green. I’m a level 3 Human Resources assistant at the Morpheus Institute Somnus Facility in Blackoak. If you’re hearing this, please get this out to the public. Morpheus are conducting experiments on people. Horrible experiments. They’re knowingly taking people off of the street, throwing them into chambers with no water, no food and no light and sending them insane. I have no idea why, but all I know is that innocent people are dying. I’m currently hidden in a bathroom. I’m sure they’re looking for me. I had a meeting this weekend with Jefferey Allan to help me bring all this to light, and they must have found out somehow. The new guy in the next office to me told me security removed all my things from my office and that they were wanting to know where I was? When I came back from my break, one of them noticed me and chased me down the hall. I have no idea what’s going to happen, but I know something they don’t want getting out. I’m scared, I just want to go home.”




This version of Allison is the result of Allison becoming one with the transmission, thus putting her into another state of being. Prior to succumbing to the transmission, Allison was beaten to an inch of her life, deprived of basic human needs and isolated in a makeshift cell in a room with no lights in the maintenance tunnels. Allison is seeking vengeance and looking to torment and punish those who delivered her to this place.

Audition Scripts

Manic Laughter


“Come to me.”

“I’m listening. I can hear you.”

“It hurts.”

Scientists / Researchers

Middle-aged to Older men, mainly North American and British, well spoken, emotionless

Doctors / Researchers

Middle-aged to Older men, mainly North American and British, well spoken, emotionless

The researchers of the somnus facility are for the most part mysterious and stoic in nature, with next to no emotion in what they are doing. Most researchers in the facility believe what they are doing is for the greater good and see no humanity in their subjects. Some researchers would even see themselves as above the subjects, comparing them to simple lab rats.

Audition Scripts

Diary Voice Note - It’s Tuesday 17th February 2009. Today's EEG readings for Subject 14 showed remarkably heightened theta waves when exposed to the latest tuned frequencies. Will attempt to replicate results. Meanwhile, Subject 32 showed increasingly violent behaviour against staff and herself after initial transmission exposure. Strong sedation has been authorised to prevent further incidents, and in the meantime, 32 has been approved for Nail Avulsion and Matrixectomy in the next day or so… That’ll teach her.”

Diary Voice Note of a researcher who has tried to help a subject, tired - “Urm, so I lost another today… Subject 49, * checks notes * I believe this is a 39 year old male who’s name is… uhh… Victor Torrez. Afghan veteran, recently homeless. At least that’s what I managed to get on him. I thought I managed to bypass the deadlock on his cell, but instead I think I may have accidentally cut off the oxygen supply. * upset and frustrated * I mean, I’m no fucking engineer, I don’t know how these things fucking work… I just know this isn’t right. After I cut that wire, I noticed the oxygen level indicator dropping on the panel, and well, I stopped hearing anything coming from inside the cell… I’m sorry, Victor…”


Ranges of age and sex, mainly North American, Traumatised, tormented, tortured, psychotic


Ranges of age and sex, mainly North American, Traumatised, tormented, tortured, psychotic

The Subjects of the somnus facility are of mixed backgrounds with the only link being that they wouldn’t be missed. Morpheus picked people such as the elderly, the homeless, the mentally ill and the terminally ill for the experiment. Subjects would be placed in a padded room where the only sound was the experimental transmission blaring through built-in speakers, in complete darkness and deprived of every basic human need. Subjects would go days without food, to only be brought out for interviews, then be sent back to the cell. Most subjects would lose their minds, obsessing over the static white noise the transmission was being played through, believing there was a voice in the static that was calling out to them. Subjects who pass this point would often succumb to a brain-dead, paralysed state.

Audition Scripts

Manic Laughter / Crying

Muttering / Talking to self about static, white noise, “it calls to me”, “the static screams my name”, and other phrases following that theme

During an interview with a researcher; pleading - “Please, I need to go back. My eyes, they bare no purpose as does my soul for the static screams my name. The silence out here… it’s deafening. My ears… They’re bleeding. Please…”

Security Guard John

Middle-aged to older man, British man, working class

John from Security

Middle-aged to older, British man, working class

John has been working with Morpheus since they were first established in 1987. He’s a seasoned veteran of working alongside the mysterious organisation, and is currently working in the Somnus facility. John is a technophobe, he loves football and going for a beer, and is very down to earth if not a little “too casual” at times. John has recently gone on annual leave from the facility to visit relatives in the UK and catch the premier league final.

Audition Scripts

Voicemail - “Hey Tanis, hope you lot are copin’ without me [laughter]. Look mate, forgot to mention, the lads in maintenance told me the other day about the electric in the buildin’. Put a story short, it’s fucked mate. They’re doin’ some new riggin’ or whatever down in the labs and you know me mate, I fuckin’ blacked out the second they started speakin’ of ‘overrides’ and ‘bypassing’ and some shit about ‘newly acquired technology’ or whatever. Basically, they said to me that if the building uses too much power, the entire grid blows. I think that’s why they started getting the boys upstairs doing different shifts I reckon. So they’ve given us this power monitor thingy which shows us how much power the building is using. Anything over 90% and the grid will blow. Every floor has a power breaker on it, so once the floor leaves for the night, we gotta go up there and turn off the power, then when they come back in the morning, we turn it back on using the panel in the security room. If the whole building goes dark, it’s gonna take a while for the grid to reset, so there’s that too. Anyway lads, gotta be off, blues are about to go to pens and I got a stella with my name on it. Nice one, Thomas!”


Please note; the audition material is a loose script, we welcome any extra content or ideas as well as putting your own spin on the material.

If any of the above roles are of interest, please send an audition to or via social media on Facebook or Twitter.

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