Chartist Games Logo
Chartist Games Logo

Chartist Games is a games studio founded in Newport, South Wales.Created with a nod to the Chartist Movement in Newport, Chartist Games was birthed in the fire of Wales, a region with a rich history of rebellion and revolution. As a studio, we aim to draw inspiration from this heritage and aim to create games that challenge the status quo and spark change.

At Chartist Games, we pride ourselves on crafting experiences that go beyond entertainment. Our games are meticulously designed to be engaging, thought-provoking, and highly replayable. Rooted in the realms of horror and simulation, we invite players to delve into immersive universes, where deep stories and captivating gameplay await.

If you’re looking for a games studio that is not afraid to make a mark, then look no further than Chartist Games. With a history instilled in revolution and rebellion, this Welsh studio is here to shake up the gaming industry and inspire players to join the fight.

Founded in the Fires of South Wales

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